Invitation discussion amongst sisters

My sister had invited me over for lunch and a catchup. We usually caught up at least once a week. We were fairly close and liked to maintain the close family bond. I think if it wasn’t for our efforts, the rest of our family would have drifted apart a long time ago. It had been about a week since I’d last saw my sister and she was talking about party arrangements then. Her son’s birthday was coming up soon and she was incredibly excited. Sam was my sisters first child and she loved him more than life itself. She wanted to throw him a magnificent birthday party. I reminded my sister not to go too crazy with the birthday party, considering Sam won’t remember any of it. She looked at me as though that thought had never crossed her mind. She smiled at me and then threw a pile of 1st Birthday Invitations on the coffee table in front of us. She asked me for my opinion, so I picked up the invites.

As I looked through the Handmade Invitations, I was a little shocked at how nice they were. The invitations were incredibly beautiful and very well made. The detail in the Party Invitations was amazing, but it may have been a bit overboard. I told my sister that the one year old boy whose party it was wouldn’t care about the invitations and that maybe she should reconsider spending so much money. My sister started laughing and showed me her party budget. I thought that she would have been spending a heck of a lot more on the invitations, but they were the most affordable things on the list. I just hoped she didn’t go too crazy. I loved watching the TV shows where mother’s lose the plot, I hoped it didn’t happen to my sister.