I wish that Dan would notice me in my great dress

I want to dance with the big man Dan, the brother of Doctor Tommy, but I don’t think I can catch his eye. He is too busy with this pesky little wheelchair child to notice me. He is even blowing her balloons. Where did he get the balloons? I can’t see any here. He must have brought them with him from home. What a square. He will be my square piece of dance partner soon though. I want him to know me like I want to know him. I want to see him in his tuxedo and I want him to see me in my dress. It is a great dress and the people from the evening dresses Melbourne store should all be really proud of the stuff that they do and what they have done for this town and for me. I love this dress and I really want there to be some sort of competition for the people of this town to try and come up with the best unofficial slogan for them. I am rambling now, but suffice to say that I’m a big fan of the wedding dress shops Melbourne company and all the great wedding and formal stuff that they make and sell to me and my friends. Now to the point at hand. I am getting outshined by both the bride and this girl in a wheelchair that Dan is dancing with. She is only 8 and she is already getting more dancers than I have gotten in every wedding. I have ever been to. I look hot, and I know that this dress really does wonders for my self-esteem. No one is complimenting me on it, which I guess is okay because it’s not my night. I will have to live with this great bridesmaids dresses Melbourne is offering and live with that. That is a great dress so it’s okay for me.