I have been trying really hard with this bond cleaning thing

I don’t like people. I hate strangers and I get really nervous about things that I do not know and that I have not planned for. I think that I will be able to be a bit of a baby when it comes to things like that, and that is not meant to be a compliment. That is a bad thing and I want to try to be better. I have already called up the end of lease cleaning Melbourne company and they should be here soon. I was so nervous that I actually didn’t listen when they told me when he would be here. I guess I will just have to wait around the house the whole time; I don’t have any plans anyway. The fact that I did any of this at all is a massive step for me, in getting out from under the heel of my father and starting a new life, with the family that I love, and that I haven’t got. The vacate cleaning Melbourne crew are so good at what they do that I can hardly recognise this place anymore. I want to not recognise it, at least on some sort of level. I want to forget so that I can start a new life. I think that in the end of my time here, I will not really be the man that I thought I was going to be. I was going to be a good man but I don’t know if I will be able to do that. I don’t know if I will be able to stay this good man in this new life. I know that the bond cleaning Melbourne crew are here, because I can hear them. I can hear them coming up the driveway and it won’t be long at all before they get to the door and knock.