Custom storage shed to protect the truck

My father had been a truck driver for as long as I could remember. He was always away, doing long haul trips. He was in the car transporting business and had a huge trailer to move a large number of cars at once. I loved it when he was home, especially if it was over the weekend, I didn’t have school so I’d get to spend lots of time with him. He always parked his truck in the same spot when he got home. Mum always said how lucky we were to have a large block of land and wondered where he would park it if we lived in suburbia. Dad whinged about constantly having to wash his truck before every trip because of the bird poop and the dirt. I loved helping wash his truck, but knew it must of been frustrating.

One day I asked Dad why he didn’t get a shed for his truck. It would save him the hassle of washing it and it could be extra storage for other things we have lying around the yard, Mum could park the car in it when Dad was on the road. Dad looked at me, surprised he’d not thought of that before. He asked me to help him use the computer, he isn’t too good with technology, to help him find someone to build him a shed. After a bit of research Dad jumped on the phone to Garages Tamworth and told them what he was after. They said they did a lot of Storage Sheds Tamworth for that sort of thing and would be happy to give him a quote. After talking to the man on the phone for a while, Dad walked out and announced to Mum and I that we would soon have a new shed for the truck and that Stable Construction Tamworth would be coming out next week to construct it.