Sister’s idea of fun at the bridal shop

I didn’t understand how my sister did it, but she could convince anyone of anything. There was no two ways about it. If my sister wanted something she got it. That was probably half the reason I’d always been jealous of her. That and her incredibly personality. She never seemed scared, or worried. She dove into things head first without any thought about what could go wrong. She had the confidence to do so, she knew if anything went wrong she could pull herself out of it and come out on top. I don’t know where I was when these traits were being handed out, but I definitely got the ‘quiet’ and ‘shy’ traits.

I was standing outside on the phone to my boyfriend. I was watching my sister through the shop windows of Vintage Wedding Dresses Melbourne. She’d been in there for about forty minutes, explaining the details of her fake wedding to the number of store assistants who were crowded around her. They were all congratulating her and wishing her all the best when I walked back into the store. I told my sister that I needed to go in about twenty minutes.

When the women at Plus Size Wedding Dresses Melbourne suggested that I try on some bridesmaids dresses I was completely taken back. I didn’t want to try on these delicate gowns for no reason. It just wasn’t how I went about things. My sister told the shop assistants at Bridesmaids Dresses Melbourne that I wasn’t in fact a bridesmaid, but the other bride! The women tried to hide their shock and bewilderment. I tried hard to play along with my sister’s story but it was too much. There was no way I could pretend to be my sisters fiance.