Feeling left out of the novated lease opportunities

I didn’t know why I had built this up to be such a big deal. I guess it was because I had worked at the company for nearly ten years, and my performance review scored top three in the entire company. I had no idea why I was being cast aside, or not offered what everyone else was being offered. I worked hard. I was starting to wonder whether someone else was taking credit for my work – because surely if the boss knew about how hard I worked, he would have offered me the same opportunity as the others.

I was walking from my car towards the office door. Yesterday I’d overheard the boss talking with other people that I work with, telling them about Novated Lease Australia. It was the first time I’d heard the concept, but certainly wasn’t the last. I’d heard small group conversations all through the office over the course of the day. They were all conducted by the boss, and covered the topic of leasing and sitting down to look at a Novated Car Lease Calculator. Since I didn’t know what they were talking about, I started doing some research. By the end of the day I was well informed, thanks to the internet. I waited for my boss to eventually pop into my office and mention Novated Lease Brisbane, but he didn’t. I’d come to work today with a clear mind, hoping to speak to my boss about a car loan.

When I got to the staff room and made myself a coffee, the office had a very deserted feeling to it. I could hear the cleaner in the far corner of the building, vacuuming away. I couldn’t hear anyone else though. There was a vague sound of keyboard tapping coming from my bosses office.