Jumping castle fundraising success

We were having a fundraiser at work, trying to get as many people aware of our business name as possible. We had food and drink stalls, ice magic stalls, games a farm animal display and loads of other fun activities. Early this morning the men from Bouncy Castle Hire Melbourne came and inflated the jumping castle for us. The day was off to a great start and the activities were attracting a lot of families to the area. By lunchtime the place was packed and the food stalls were the most popular attractions at the fundraiser! We had a live performance and everyone gathered to watch it. One of the men from Jumping Castle Hire Melbourne came back during the live performance just to top up the air in the castle and make sure everything was going smoothly.

The jumping castle was raising a lot of money. Although we paid to hire it from Kids Jumping Castle Hire Melbourne, I had a feeling we would make it all back and then some. The fundraiser was for a local charity so people felt good about spending their money. It was great to see so many families out enjoying themselves together.

The day was growing long and the exhausted children turned from laughter-filled balls of joy to agitated, crying gremlins. Mothers carried bag fulls of prizes, showbags and lollies back to the car while fathers carried the children. It was interesting to watch peoples moods change over the course of the day. It was also interesting to see how annoyed parents get with other parents. I guess it’s funny for me because I don’t have children, but watching other parents fight for the best for their own children is amusing, and deep down I guess you could call it sweet. Or selfish.