I used to love her and I love the home renovations now

I used to love my ex-wife, back when she was my wife. I stopped about 9 years into our marriage and I can not tell you why. I think that it was somewhat mutual and the divorce was as civil as I expected it to be. I kept the house and now I have a new girlfriend. My ex-wife has the kids half of the time and I helped her to find a good new place that’s not even too far away. I was really happy with the way that it all went down. I want to do something, namely call up the home renovations Sydney crew, but I don’t know all that is going to go down. I do not want to offend her, but I have to remain true to myself and I have to be in control of my life, because if I relinquish that control, then I no longer have a life at all. It ceases to be mine, but someone else’s. I don’t want that which is why, in spite of the fear that I feel and will keep on feeling, the call must be made to the interior designers Sydney crew, because I need this house renovation thing to happen. I need it more than you all know, and let me just leave it at that. I will make sure that the ex-wife, Sarah, gets let in on all of the details that I need to give her so that she can get her mind at ease. I don’t really know what else to do beyond that, because all of the creative things need to be discussed between me and the kitchen renovations Sydney crew only. It is, in my humble opinion, no one else’s business. It is between me and the Gods really, but I have to run it by the renovation experts.