Hunting, a sport requiring it’s own shed

There was not a lot to do around here. I had lived here since I was a baby and grown fond of the quiet, relaxed, slow moving way of life. I had grown up on the farm with my father. He is the one who taught me how to hunt, to train dogs and to be a man of the bush. I was excited and had a lot of fun learning those things when I was a boy, but I had no idea how valuable those skills would be for my future.

It was coming up to the hunting season and I needed a new place to store my gun safes and hunting equipment. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted a barn, or a shed to house my trophies, to store all my equipment and do whatever I please. I phoned Horse Barns Tamworth and spoke to them about my options. The man on the phone told me he had exactly the same thing at his house. He’d built a large shed and turned it into his hunting shed. That way he was able to park his four wheel drive in the shed, all his gun safes were in there and if he didn’t want to dogs inside he put the im the shed for the night. He told me which option is best and we arranged to have it built. The man from Storage Barns Tamworth told me roughly how long the job would take.

I was excited about my new Garages Tamworth hunting shed. It’s going to be a great season, I could feel it. The dogs were eager to get out and catch some pigs and the four wheel drive was overdue for a good thrashing.

New shed set up as business

All my life I’d been looking for ways to make money. I wasn’t someone who didn’t want to work, I just believe that everyone should be in control of their own income. I didn’t want to work under someone who takes credit for my work, or have to put up with complaining staff and stupid workplace dramas. It was really starting to get to me when people with nothing to complain about, spend the whole day complaining. I promised myself I was going to be my own boss for the rest of my life. My family think I’m stupid and are very discouraging – but I know I’ll get the last laugh.

I started an online import/export business about two months ago and was shocked at the response I had received so far. People had been placing orders like they were going out of fashion! I had to order extra stock, which meant I had to find somewhere to put it. My tiny, one bedroom house is not going to cut it. I decided to do some research into storage options and it turns out that Horse Barns Tamworth was the cheapest option. I decided to have Awnings Tamworth build me a shed in the backyard to house my stock and keep it out of the weather.

Once Storage Barns Tamworth were finished building the shed, I was able to bulk order a lot of stock and set up my office. I had the shed built big enough to have an office and stock set up professionally. I also put a toilet and kitchen in the shed, so that I could make the most of my time out there, instead of having to run back and forth to the house. This was going to be the perfect set up for me to keep all my orders under control.