Success for the heating technicians

The men had been tapping and banging around in the end room for about an hour. Dad had not long returned from the room, where he said the men were getting a lot done. My father had been in watching the men from Central Heating Melbourne, who were trying to find out why our heater wouldn’t turn on. It had been a very cold past few nights, especially for a northerner being down in these southern temperatures. I’d snapped at my parents for the last time and now things were looking up. The men from Central Ducted Heating Melbourne were here now, hopefully they wouldn’t be leaving until there was warm air spewing out of the vents once again. The cold weather, and unable to get warm, was turning me into one of the most bitchiest girls I’d known. Things needed to change asap. I needed to get a grip, or I wasn’t going to survive the winter.

When the two men appeared in the lounge room, everyone fell silent. It was almost like the jury had returned from making it’s verdict. It felt like we were smack bang in the middle of a serious court hearing, but really we were just waiting for the technicians report on what was wrong. The men from Heating Services Melbourne told us that after a bit of stuffing around, they were finally able to get a screw out. One tiny screw had managed to come undone, and fall into the perfect position to stop the heater from working. Thankfully, the geniuses from the heating repair company were able to fix the heater so we could finally defrost. Now, hopefully I would be able to get excited about moving the best city in the country.