Sister’s habit lands them in the hair dressers chair

How many times did I have to tell my little sister, Naomi that chewing gum doesn’t come out of people’s hair. She had gotten into this new habit of sticking her chewing gum places, rather than throwing it in the bin when she’s finished with it. Lately, her favourite place to put her old chewing gum, was in the hair of other school girls on the bus. Naomi had been in trouble by the school teachers for this, but Mum had somehow not found out about it. Naomi and I get along for the majority of the time. There are however, moments when we absolutely despise each other. For example, this afternoon Naomi decided my hair looked like the perfect place to stick her chewing gum. Once I’d seen her doing this, I retaliated by spitting my chewing gum in her hair. Both of us were now walking down our street with our heads hanging low, our hair neatly held together by the sweet, sticky goodness.

Mum lost her temper the moment she saw the chewing gum. My sister and I were already in the car waiting as Mum rushed around the kitchen, booking the two next available appointments at Hairdressers Perth. I knew it was going to be embarrassing, going into Hair Salon Perth like this. What I didn’t think about was just how short the hair dressers are going to have to cut my hair to get the gum out. I had never had short hair before. I had complete faith in the woman from Waxing Perth though, who was going to transform my hair into a short but sweet style. Maybe the chewing gum in the hair thing wouldn’t end up being so bad. Who knew?