The pool fence has arrived

I am so excited for the beginning and the opening, of this new life and these new doors respectively that I may in fact hurl up on the cars that are meant to take me where I am meant to go. I need to get back to my house, where my loved ones and my wife are all gathered to give me the good news of the glass pool fences that will no doubt already be up in my house and by my pool. I love the work that the glass pool fences Melbourne crew do on pools and their fences and so I wanted a little piece of the action. I thought that it would be okay if I organised a surprise party for myself and when I came back to the house, I would pretend to be surprised to find these brand new fences installed. I honestly can’t wait until I can see them. I’ve seen them many times, in my dreams, but never in reality. I will treasure this day for now and ever more. I am walking out to the back, where the pool is and where the pool fencing Melbourne crew set up the pool fencing (makes sense, I guess).

I didn’t know what to expect when I went out the back, but it certainly wasn’t this. Well that’s a lie, I did know what to expect, because I was expecting a nice, fancy pool fence around my nice, fancy pool. I was not expecting this. It was so much more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. I didn’t know whether to look away or never take my eyes off it. I ended up closing one eye to meet both Gods with contempt. The crew of the swimming pool fences Melbourne company did such a wonderful job, I’m thinking of getting a new pool.