Gruesome discovery calls for steam cleaning arrangements

As I walked into the bathroom, as sharp stench filled my nostrils – thick enough to fill my throat and throw me into a coughing fit. My eyes welled up, fogging my view and disorientating me. I hadn’t been back here in a long time, and by the looks of things, it hadn’t been cleaned since then. I carefully stepped towards the window, careful not to let my shoes slip in the grime. Popping the latch of the window, I pushed it with all my might and ran for the door – a cloud of freshness chasing close behind. I suspected the house hadn’t been aired out in months as I made my way from the bathroom, through to the bedroom. I stepped into the main bedroom, distracted by the graffiti on the wall and the squelching of the carpet underfoot. It was only when the curtains came crashing down that I saw the fat tom cat. It had obviously come to call this place home for a good while, and I suddenly realised what the stench was – cat piss.

At this point anger was spewing out of every pore in my body. How could these people have done this? The situation was pretty grim, so after opening all the windows in the place and switching on the fans, I headed outside. Sitting on the porch, I started writing down what I needed to do to start getting the place fixed up. First on my list was to call the team at Tile and Grout Cleaning Adelaide. It was either that, or dowse the place in fuel, spark a sudden cigarette habit and cut my losses. I wanted to get things done as soon as I could, or I’d lose all hope. They were bad tenants, I just needed to find a good one. The team at Steam Cleaning Adelaide would be able to take care of this mess, they were the best in the business. I pulled out my phone, wondering if I’d stored Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide phone number.