I have missed the funeral and I miss my Heather

I could not make it to the funeral. I know that I was meant to but I was not able to. I do not need to have a few stranger come up to me and tell me that they missed her when they didn’t even know her; on one knew her but I. I don’t know what to do with her. I can not leave her here, but I do not want to go and see her. She would see me if I was in that situation. All that I can do is go on being that man that she would be proud of, and that she loved. That’s my life. I do not pretend to know what my life is now, but I know that I have to live it. The funeral directors Perth has to offer have been really good to me, so I should call them back and talk to them. I will miss her, but not all of the time. I will miss her all the time, but I will not miss all of her time. There were bad times as well, as there are in any situation like this. I do not want to remember her as an urn full of burnt pieces. I do not want to see her that way. She was alive once and she was walking and talking and loving and kissing me, I can not have my wife trapped in some urn for the rest of eternity, while I sit here alone. I will talk to the cremations Perth people about what we are going to do with her remains but I have a few ideas, particularly the northern ocean, up in Tournell. I hear that it is beautiful up there hand we have always wanted to go. I hear that the funeral services Perth guys and girls specialise in repatriation, which is a real plus for me.