I can’t sleep without the pool fences

I want to sleep and I haven’t been able to for the past two nights. I haven’t been able to sleep ever since I heard that the pool had gone, and the fence around it was totally ripped to shreds. It was not my fault though. I wasn’t there at the time. I was out of town, and I was at a business conference. I know that I haven’t been to a conference before, but I guess it meant that they are trusting me more at work, and sending me off to represent them more, which I’m totally excited about. It does mean that I’ll be spending less time at home though, and less time in the pool. That means that I have to leave the pool to protect itself, and protect the kids from falling into it. I will call up the pool fencing Melbourne crew when I next stop (I’m on the road at the moment, and I can’t really stop right now, as I’m talking to a client on hands free and I’m this close to closing a new deal)and ask if they can come to the house, and see if they can help us out with this pool fencing issue that we all have. I have three kids, two twins and an older child. They are all wanderers, and they love to do what they can to make my life hard. This fence, from the aluminium pool fencing Melbourne company, will not be able to get here soon enough. Once it does, I can come back home, and we can all go out to the backyard, and explore the pool and the fences, together. We will be able to do so in safety and in security, because I will know that I have gotten the best people on the job, and gotten the best frameless pool fencing Melbourne has on offer.