The pools will have their fences

I want no part of this little game that you guys are playing with them and who is meant to be your father. I know that he’s actually not your father, but can you guys and girls please show him a little respect and courtesy, since he is the man that I love, and my husband of 9 years? I know that you miss your father, and you only get to see him not that often, what is it now, once a month? Gosh darn it Fred, what have you done to our kids? They love you. Anyway, I wanted to tell you all to stop picking on Brian just because he’s here for you and your father isn’t here for you. I don’t want to hear another bad word about him while either of us are present. I’d like it if you never said any bad word at all, but what we don’t know won’t hurt us. Anyway again, I wanted to tell you all that Brian has managed to call up the pool fencing Melbourne crew, and we are going to have a fence on the pool sometimes over the weekend. That means that we can take the ropes away from the fences that used to be there, and you guys and girls will be able to use the pool again. The aluminium pool fencing Melbourne crew will be here soon and our lives will all be better for it. I’m very happy about this because the school holidays are on, and I’ll not have you hanging around us for two straight weeks while we try and do what we can to relax and get on with our lives. I want no more bickering from any of you, since you know all have what you’ve been bugging Brian and I for two months about; the pool fence. Now begone with you children, and don’t bother the people at frameless glass pool fencing Melbourne.