Mortgage broker, creator of strength and confidence

Too much had happened for me to back out now. I may have been the biggest commitment phobes in the area, but I had to take a stand. I had to wipe of this pathetic and sooky passive way of living. I was going to take a stand, I was putting my foot down. I was going to do this for myself. I’d been living a life that I hated for long enough, I was the only person who could do anything about it, so I was going to. After my inner monologue pep-talk I took a deep breath and got out of the car. I walked up to the big glass doors at the front of the building and looked at myself in the reflection. I repeated the word confidence in my head over and over. All I needed to pull this off was confidence. I wanted to walk out of Mortgage Brokers Sunshine Coast today with a lot of information and the confidence to take on a mortgage.

Walking through the doors of Finance Brokers Sunshine Coast and into the lovely cool air conditioning was instantly relaxing. I was stressed out and very nervous. This was the meeting that I had been waiting for. Everything came down to the outcome of this meeting. My vision of myself as a man, instead of a spineless human being was dependant on this appointment with Mortgages Sunshine Coast going well.

Walking out of the mortgage brokers office I felt like I was looking down on myself, seeing myself as a different person for the first time in my life. i’d never been fond of myself before, but now I felt like I had achieved something. Soon, I would be a proud property owner, and a strong man.