I don’t know how to keep you all secure

I need to leave you people because I have failed you one too many times. I have been the person most responsible for things going badly in this group and I’m so sorry. I won’t be here to ruin things for much longer because I’m leaving you. I’ve called up the event security Perth company and they shouldn’t be too long now. I hope that they can keep you secure, and safe, unlike myself. I don’t mind how you do it, but I suggest that you elect someone who wants to be a leader. I have not been a great leader to you and I’m sorry for that. Perhaps we’ll meet again in the life-next. I hope that we can. I hope that we can see each other as friends and as equals and I can greet you with respect and love. That’s what I want. Alright, I’m going now; I wish you all a very fond farewell.

We didn’t need Rick to leave. He was the best man that we ever knew and I know that we all wanted him for our leader for a reason. He is not the reason that all of these bad things keep happening. He is the reason that we have been still safe for all of this time. Him and the security services Perth crew. They were, together, responsible for us being safe and happy and healthy. They were only here because of Rick. He was the one who said that we should call them and bring them over. It was because of him that we have banded together, and now he thinks that he can leave? He is the best thing that ever happened to us. He will make us whole again, and the security guards Perth crew men and women will keep us whole.

I will be having lots of security here

The event that we are organising on this Saturday will be a good one, but it will also be a big one. With any kind of event of this nature, there are bound to be rowdy party goers and there are going to be people that will need our protection. That will be something that I’ve thought about for a long time, and I think about a lot of things for a long time before I make any sort of decision around it. I want to go and hire out a security company so that I can keep revellers under control and we can get any people who may be of risk to anyone else, out of there, and out of harm’s way, for others as well as themselves. I will call up a few, but I think I might want to go with the security services Perth crew, because I’ve been told that they are brilliant, well priced, and very friendly, while still maintaining their professional edge. I interviewed a few people and they were definitely the pick of the litter. I wonder where that saying came from. Was it to do with pigs, or maybe dogs. I know that both have litters, but maybe it’s neither. Anyway, back to the point at hand: I am going to be hiring out about 12 security guards Perth people so that they can keep us all under control. I wonder who will keep me under control. I hope it’s them, since I told them that I am just like them, and that if I get too rowdy, gently escort me from the premises. The only way to ensure that the party goes well is to make sure that everyone in there has a fun and safe time. That is very important, since there’s no point in having a fun party where people get hurt; that’s not fun at all. The event security Perth company know that though.