The caterers will be here soon

I don’t want to wait too long to see the caterers, but I don’t want to seem like I’m too desperate to see them. I want to see them, more than anything in the whole world, and I can’t live without them. That’s how I feel right now anyway; I’m sure that I’ll technically be able to live with them or without them. I just don’t want to live without the sweet taste of food from the catering Melbourne crew and company. I will try and call them up tomorrow, and give it a few days after that. I find myself consumed by thoughts of them, and their tasty food. The way it’s presented, and the way it tastes, just makes my heart go aflutter. I never knew that I could feel this way about someone, but it turns out that I still can’t but I can about a thing. The thing in this case is the food from the wonderfully underrated, and wonderfully priced wedding catering Melbourne. I never knew that I would be able to get this kind of feeling for some food, but I have, and I’m so grateful for it. I will be grateful of David was in on this as well and I hope that he can come on board of the food train. I will try and get him on board, and then we can ride it together. I will call up the catering Melbourne company tomorrow and talk to them about getting some food out here, for David to try. It will be a fun little sampler for him, with all of the best stuff and none of the bad stuff. That was a joke; there is no bad stuff. There is only the good stuff that they do, and nothing more. I will make sure of that.