I want this week to be full of limos

I want to have a whole week where I do nothing else it ride in a limousine every single day. That is all that I want to do. I don’t want to sleep unless I am sleeping in the limo. I don’t want to eat or drink unless I am using the mini bar of the limo. I don’t want to shower or change my clothes, but I probably should because I would feel bad about messing up the decor of the limousine from the wedding limo hire Melbourne company. I will shower and stuff and probably have my dinner and breakfast all in one, but apart from that, there is nowhere else that I would rather be. There is no one else that I would rather be with than my cousin and my best friend, Jane. I love her like she was my own sister. I lost my sister a long time ago, and it brought our whole family a lot closer together. We are only children now, Jane and I, and we hang out all the time. I’m pretty sure that she will want to come with me when I ask the stretch limo hire Melbourne company for the limo for the whole week. I want us both to use up some of our vacation days, and I want us to go on a bit of a road trip. I hope that the limo hire Melbourne crew can accommodate all of us, both of us, and that we can have as much fun as I hope we will have. I hope that the limo people will be happy with the big adventure that we have planned. I hope that we can have lots and lots of stories to tell our grandkids, once we get married to other people and then have kids who have kids.