The only trees that I like are no trees

I will not be told what to do by some punk kid who doesn’t even know what kind of leaf this is. I asked you a simple question and the least that you could do is use your genius brain of yours, you idiot, to try and compute what it is that we are dealing with here. I am not doing this for me, and I’m not out to try and hurt anyone. I will be doing this for Danny, my little brother, and I will be doing this for this town and for you people. I even got to call the stump grinding Brisbane company and crew. You should be down on your knees thanking me for all that I have done for you and all that I will do for you. I will make sure that these trees (crushes leaf in hand) will pay for what they have done to all of us. Mark my words, good citizens and hear me cry: I will not rest until every single tree in this town is gone. I will call and call and call the tree removal Brisbane crew all night and all day and all night again until I can get them to do what I want (I’m just thinking, maybe I will wait until the morning, I don’t really want to disturb anyone, or be rude; I would hate to do that, as we are still new here). I will make sure that the land clearing Brisbane crew are all paid well for the work that they do, and I will make sure that they do it with the professionalism that I know that they have, and will be proud to display with me, a newbie to this place, and this region. We are even newbies to this country, having come here from Tournell.