I want the jump to get started now

I love my car and there is nothing on this green earth that I would not do to save it, to make it happy and to make it mine all over again. I had lost it for a little while, but it has found its way back to me. It has become mine again and I’m pretty sure that I will be able to keep it forever. We are going to live forever, her and I (yeah that’s right I named it, and it’s a girl. I call her Vera). We are going to be together forever, and the way that I will do that is through the jump starter pack. I have a feeling that not everyone in my audience or reading or listening at home will know what that is, so I will have to educate you, once again, as I always do every time that we talk. I will have to tell you all that the jump starter is the best thing that I have ever bought and I will tell you all to buy it if you get the chance. I am pretty sure that you have already gotten the chance, because they are everyone nowadays. I’m pretty sure that you must have gone past about 3 of them on your way to this meeting here today. I am not blaming you, but if you want to jump start your car in the best and most portable and most affordable way possible, I think that you should talk to the people who know about it, and who really care about it. I really care about it, but I am not really the man to talk to. I would talk to the battery pack experts on this one, and that is not me. I am not the one that you are looking for.