I’m a magnet for flat batteries

I always seem to be around cars that go flat, and I never knew what was going on, but it’s been happening my entire life, ever since I can remember going near cars, which is pretty young. It’s like I am a magnet for it, and truth be told, I kind of am. I need to have the portable car battery with me at all times. I’ve been told that I release some sort of pulse, not all the time, but sometimes, and that it can knock out the batteries of cars in the area, along with anything else that runs on 12 volts batteries and cells. That means boats, caravans and all sorts of things like that. I can control it to some extent, and make it go on and off, and only to certain cars, but only when I’m awake. I’m releasing lots of delta waves when I’m asleep and I can’t control what I’m dreaming about and what kind of damage I can do. That is why, during the day, I go around and I try to fix all of the problems that I made the previous night, ie going to the cars with the portable jump starter, and making sure that they have their charge back. This little guy has been more helpful to me than all of the tin foil hats in the world combined, not that I know what I can really do with them, all of those hats. I do know that having the best battery booster that this country could possibly find is definitely going to help me to charge more than 1200 cars in one week, which is the task that I have before me right now. It will take me close to 8 days to do it, by estimates, and I hope that I can do it in 7 days, if I’m lucky.

Jump start at the servo

I was late for work. Everything was frantic. I was doing my makeup at the same time as getting dressed, putting my shoes on in the toilet and eating breakfast in the car. I had not been late once this year and I didn’t want to start now. My boss was very big on being on time. If you were late, he made sure to make an example of you and to punish you publicly somehow. I was not letting that happen to me. Just as the light changed from green to amber I put my foot on the accelerator and sped through before it went red. I pulled into the next service station to get some fuel, which I needed to get to work. I couldn’t believe I’d let myself be so late, and just my luck, the line in the service station was huge.

When I walked out of the service station and jumped into my car ready to speed off, the car didn’t start. I looked at the dashboard to see if there was any warning lights flashing and realised that I’d left my lights on when I went into pay for the fuel. My battery had gone flat. I could not believe it. I immediately phone my boss and explained to him what had happened. He understood and told me to come in as soon as possible. That was a relief, now to get my car out of the service station. When I was about to give up hope I remembered I had been given a Battery Booster by my father. I jumped out of the car and shuffled through my boot. I saw a man at the next bowser and asked him if he knew how to use a Jump Starter to help me start my car.

The man walked over and took my Battery pack off me and the rest was history. Whatever he did worked and my car started, good as new. Now it was back to the get-to-work-fast mission.

I will try to jump start my car

I need my car to have life again, and its battery. There has been about three days since I was last here, and I have a feeling that when I left my car, in this here carpark, the lights were still on. I don’t have one of those fancy cars where the headlights turn off after a certain amount of time, so I’m guessing that the battery go drained of power because of it. When I got back here, to the airport carpark, there was no sign of life in her, and I had to think very hard about calling in a tow truck to get rid of it, and take it to somewhere where they could fix it. I even started walking around the carpark of the airport talking to strangers, hoping that one of them would have jumper leads (at an airport, no chance) and that they would help me (help a 210cm tall bearded man, no chance either). I went about this for about three hours before I decided that there were a lot of better ways of doing this. I went into town, in a taxi, while I left the car there. I went and I bought myself a super mini battery booster from the store and distributor that sells them, and I went back to the carpark, after charging it first. Of course they didn’t take long, and by the time I got back to the car, not much had changed. There are always people going in and out of car parks, so my car was a tree amongst the woods. I was grateful for that. I was also grateful for the wonderful work that the jump starter did. That thing is amazing. I mean, I have never seen something so beautiful as the time when it was jump starting my car. I plan on buying a few more of those great little portable car battery packs.