The badger is part of the renovations

I want to tell this badger that he can stay here, and that he is part of the family from now on in, but I can’t do that. The renovations Sydney crew will be here soon and they can’t see him. He is still a wild animal, and as much as I would love me to be here, and to stay around in the house (so long as he tired keep his behaviour to a minimum of running and a minimum of jumping and slashing and scratching and biting and clawing and all sorts of things like that), he can not do that, as he is still wild and he belongs with his own kind. Trust me, he will be much happier for it in the long run. He might want to stay here, where there is free food and lots of things to scratch, but he will miss his home once it’s gone, once and for all. I don’t want a sad honey badger in the house; is there anything worse than that? I don’t think that there is, and I’m pretty sure that it would take a long time to find something that is sadder than that, or more tragic. While it is bad, there are a few silver linings that we can gleam from this tragedy that is about to unfold across this family. Winston has enabled us to get the excuse that we were looking for to get the bathroom renovations Sydney team over here and helping us out of a bit of a jam. We were certainly in a jam for a long time, almost a week, while Winston the terror began terrorising the place that we call home. It used to be my home, but as of right now, the kitchen is getting renovated by the kitchen renovations Sydney company and crew, and the bathroom is looking like someone elses, since it’s pretty much all done, and that was all I could think of for the rest of the day.