Asphalt, the perfect driveway

Not only did the storm send a power pole crashing down onto our car, but it completely ripped up the driveway. We didn’t have much of a driveway to begin with, a few sheets of tin to stop the mud and a bit of concrete at the driver’s side door, acting as a pathetic pathway to the front door. So after the storm had passed the neighborhood was in cleanup mode. It was great to see everyone banding together to help out. One of the houses up the road had lost its roof, so there was a lot of men helping out up the road.

A week after the storm ripped through our suburb the clean up had mostly been completed, just a few things here and there that reminded us of the disaster. Dad had made arrangements with Asphalt Brisbane for them to lay our driveway. Dad wanted the driveway to fit two cars side by side. When the truck from Asphalt Driveways Brisbane turned up the street I ran inside to let Dad know. Mum put the kettle on and Dad walked outside with me and waited for the truck to pull up. The men from Asphalt Paving Brisbane got to work and started clearing the ground where the driveway was to go. I watched them working, they all had such big arms and legs, it must of been quite a workout laying asphalt each day. By the time they were finished the sun was just starting to set. The men spoke with Dad for about ten minutes before they hopped back into their truck and drove off. Dad told me that I wasn’t allowed to touch the driveway unless I wanted to be permanently stuck in it and followed me inside. Looking out the lounge room windows the new driveway looked great. I could not wait to play handball against my brother once the driveway had set.