Pest inspection plan pays off

The day had finally come. It was our time to make or break. Here was my mother and my time to shine. We had been planning this afternoon for about a week now. Everything had been building up to today. All of our planning, all of our secret-keeping, it was all leading up to now. Mum and I had been planning a secret pest inspection of my uncle’s house. He didn’t cope the best on his own, and didn’t understand pest inspections, or the damage that pests could do to the house. I had noticed the signs of a pest infestation at his house the last time I was there and made a point to tell my mother about it.

Mum had managed to arrange with Pest Control Melbourne for a man to inspect my uncles house while my uncle wasn’t there. The pest inspection had to be done without my uncle knowing, else many problems would arise. My mother had come up with a great idea of putting on a family barbecue to get my uncle out of his house. We were trying to think of a way to get him out of his house, without sounding suspicious. Considering my uncle was due to arrive any minute, our plan to get the men from Ant Treatment Melbourne inside my uncle’s house was all going to schedule. Once my uncle arrives, I will jump in Mum’s car, race over to his house and let the men from Cockroach Control Melbourne in to do their inspection. I will stay at my uncle’s house until the inspection is over and quickly hurry back home, hoping no one had noticed I’d been gone for so long. It was a risky plan, but we had the skills to pull it off.