Before and after – window replacement

We need new windows. This house was built in the pre-war era and to my knowledge has not had any renovations since it was first built. The house looks good from the outside but the windows look very old and weathered. It looks as though you could walk up to the windows and with one touch they would fall off the wall. I wasn’t sure who to call to speak about it so one of my friends suggested Window replacements Melbourne.

I spoke with the lady from Aluminium window installers Melbourne for a good while over the phone. She was very insightful and had a lot of tips for me when it came to choosing the right window for my home. The lady told me about the different types of windows, aluminium, timber, double hung, sash – there are a wide variety. The woman helped me to choose windows that were suitable to my needs, taking things into consideration such as airflow, window placement and sunlight. It wasn’t long till I had chosen the type of window I’d like, through the process of elimination.

After arranging a time with Sash window replacement Melbourne for the installers to come out and take measurements of my windows I decided to do a bit of gardening. I stood in the front yard for a while, looking up at the house, wondering how much of a difference these windows were going to make. I always regretted not taking photos before a big change, so this time I decided to get the camera out. I walked around the entire house taking photos of each window. It wouldn’t be long now till I struggle to remember what the old windows looked like. For once I’d be able to see the before and after pictures.