I need to hold some tools and some gas

I have a load of gas that I need to get off me, as I can’t really hold the weight much longer. I will try and talk to the people who know about these kinds of things, and try and figure out how many gas bottle holders I can fit onto my ute, and what room there would be left over. I like to transport this kind of stuff; not only that but it’s actually my job. I used to have my own ute that I would transport gas bottles in, but we had a bit of an accident the other month and I’ve been out of action. Unfortunately, so has the business. It’s a good thing that I’ve been able to hold onto a few bits of money over the years and I can afford a little bit of down time while I get myself a new ute and some new gas holders for said ute. It needs to be big, because I hold more than just gas, and the bottles thereof.

I will never be able to find the right kind of ute, unless I look over here. Oh wait there it is, I found it. It’s a beautiful ute, and I’ll be able to hold plenty of stuff on that. Even better though, I’ll be able to get some cool looking, and very handy, aluminium toolboxes. That way I’ll save up even more room up the top and be able to fit in more gas bottles. That will be better all around for my business, and I think the world at large will thank me for it. I hope so anyway; I don’t want to be remembered as a bad guy. A great space saving idea is to get some fancy new service bodies for the ute.