The last day that I have free will be for aluminium accessories

I love my Jim and I love my Rosamund. I love the angel that has come to look over me, and I love the woman who has stolen my heart. They are the only people that I care about. I want to get through to Jim a little bit better. We work all day trying to get people to take our aluminium toolboxes, and then we try to give them to the city and to the towns around the area. I don’t really know what I’m going to do with the rest of my day, if I can’t get Jim to talk to me like I talk to him, especially about the gas bottle holders. I want to be the only person that he turns to and talks to when he wants to talk about the aluminium accessories and when he wants to talk about the stores that are all around the place. We go to the closest places that they are sold in and we buy as many as we can. That way, we will be able to go the Knass town hall the next day and start giving away things that people can have on their utes and that enabled their tools in, made of aluminium. It feels like we are doing the Gods’ works when we do this stuff an everyday there are more and more people there, lining up to receive from us. I love it so much; I have found my calling in life. It is as though the Gods have come down from the Anzahl Tor and seen me for what and who I am, and decided to bless me for doing their work. I make no claims to be a healer, or a miracle man. I am simply a lucky man who is trying to put something good back into the world.