Air conditioner repair booking

Somehow I had managed to drift off while listening to the sound of the dial tone. I was phoning the team at Air Conditioning Melbourne when I started thinking about what life would have been like before the invention of air conditioners. I snapped out of my daydream when I heard the woman on the other end of the phone asking if anyone was there. I apologised to the woman and then explained why I was calling. I told the lady on the phone that my air conditioner wasn’t working. She asked me what was happening and I told her that the light was on and the power was getting to the system, but there was no air flowing out of the vents. The woman listened intently to me, before asking when I would like to have a technician come past my house. I told the lady on the phone from Air Conditioning Service Melbourne that I would like the air conditioner to be repaired as soon as possible, so the woman started looking for the next available appointment.

I could hear the happiness in the woman’s voice from Air Conditioning Repairs Melbourne. It was nice to talk to someone who genuinely sounded as though they cared. Mostly, people who answer the phone for a living have a bored and very uninterested tone in their voice. The woman popped back on the phone and told me when she had scheduled an appointment for. She confirmed this was ok with me, before taking down my details. I hung up the phone to the air conditioner repair company feeling good. One of the technicians would be coming by in a few days time to have a look at the system. Hopefully, he should be able to get it going and from then on I could be comfortable during summer.