Play dough covered air conditioner

We didn’t know why, but for some reason our son had decided it would be fun to fill every space and gap in the air conditioner he could find, with play dough. When my husband came home he asked me what had happened and somehow I hadn’t even noticed. Our son had just had his fifth birthday and was at the explorer stage of his life. He loved being out in the garden, often thinking up scenarios and playing them out with his wonderful imagination. I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to fix the air conditioner or if we’d have to buy a new one. I decided to take the cover off and try to fix it myself. Unfortunately my son had managed to push the play dough right into the system, leaving no hope for me. My husband took my son into the lounge room and they sat watching racing cars for the afternoon, while I tried to sort out this air conditioner.

I phoned Air Conditioning Service Sydney and explained what my son had done. The man on the other end of the phone had a bit of a laugh, which made me laugh too. I had been so caught up in being annoyed about it that I didn’t look at it for what it was, and what it was, was funny.

The man on the phone from Air Conditioning Sydney told me depending on the damage, they might be able to fix it but that he would send out one of his contractors that afternoon. I was glad it was being looked at straight away. When the contractor from Air Conditioning Repairs Sydney arrived he tried not to laugh at the play dough covered air conditioner. He made a joke with my husband and then got to work.

When the contractor had finished I couldn’t believe my eyes. He had managed to get every bit of play dough out of the system and it worked perfectly. We were very happy not to have to buy a new air conditioner.

I will find the best air cons in the city

I will not stop until I have the very best air conditioning Sydney services and company that I can. I will search through the pile of average and less than average air con guys and girls, and I will find the golden nugget within the fertiliser. It will take a while, and I might even get Brett to help me with it, but we need to do this, so that we can get the very best air con. It is way too hot to try and faff about with the sort of thing, and I want it done now. I don’t know about you two, but I can’t be in this house for much longer, if we don’t have an air conditioner during the summer months. It is like a sauna in here, and not in a good way.

Brett, Mary, I want to get our air con serviced. I have found the right people for the job. I have called up the air conditioning service Sydney company and they will be here soon to come and fix us up. It’s been three weeks without any cooling system in our house, and I have been going bananas since day one. You saw me Mary, I was bouncing off the walls, trying to create a draught for myself whilst walking. It was proving rather difficult. I don’t think any of you appreciate me being in my underpants all the time either due to the heat and sweating. I can save us all a lot of discomfort be having the air con fixed by a professional, affordable team of repairmen and women.

I have been through alot in these last few weeks, and I think that the air conditioning repairs Sydney knew how desperate I was. I was like a dog waiting for his master at the door when they got here. I didn’t jump on them and lick them, thank the Gods. That would have been worse, considering I was still in my underpants.